“The environment inspires a lot of our work and inspires me personally.”

~Nada Taryam

Nada Taryam joined Bee’ah as Director of Civil and Architectural Projects in 2013. The responsibilities of this position require planning, execution and closing of large-scale environmental projects with the company’s biggest clients. Nada is accountable for creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements and managing the constraints of the project management and ultimately accomplishing the stated project objectives to the highest quality.

Nada utilises her leadership capabilities to liaise with clients of Bee’ah, in order to determine and implement the exact needs of the project, drawing on her knowledge of the company and the experience she has accomplishing detailed and specific environmental targets. Leading some of the biggest projects at Bee’ah, Nada has consistently used her expertise to meet targets and satisfy the needs of the clients, acting as a driving force for transforming Sharjah into the environmental capital of the Middle East.

Prior to joining Bee’ah, Nada Taryam gained extensive experience both through her employment history and through a variety of internships and study visits.

Nada graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom, in 2012, with a Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism, and from the American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in 2008, with a Bachelor of Architecture (with a Minor in Urban Design).

Nada sat down with us to discuss the upcoming Bee’ah HQ and the sustainability minded approach taken into consideration from concept to construction.

Enjoy the show!

Posted on February 20, 2019

Show Notes:

  • 01:15 – Studying Architecture in the UAE and London
  • 02:00 – Her research-based studies around materials, innovation and technology in architecture
  • 02:45 – The school of thought of around material research and inheriting from nature for architectural design
  • 03:45 – Architecture & Other Things architectural practice
  • 04:30 – Bee’ah’s HQ concept and meaning
  • 06:15 – Locally sourced materials for the HQ
  • 07:00 – Having a portion of the Bee’ah HQ open for the public to visit, from research lab to an auditorium
  • 08:00 – Working with Zaha Hadid Architects
  • 10:00 – Aiming to achieve LEED Platinum certification for the Bee’ah HQ
  • 11:30 – Bee’ah’s waste management, recycling facilities and upcoming Solar PV project
  • 12:45 – Looking to Zaha Hadid as a role model
  • 15:00 – The environment as inspiration
  • 16:45 – Coffee as the only daily standard ritual
  • 17:15 – Recommending biographies to friends
  • 18:45 – The importance of letting people know about the Bee’ah HQ
  • 19:45 – Inspiration from Singapore’s landscape; building around the environment
  • 21:00 – Thoughts on commercially driven projects
  • 22:15 – Demand more from your built environments


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