Streams of Progress was recently at the 2020 Step Conference, where we had the chance to sit down with various speakers who shared interesting insights into future trends and the MENA startup ecosystem as a whole.

The following mini episode is one of those conversations, we hope you enjoy hearing the insights they shared with us.

Each guest was able to share with us some insights from their respective domain of expertise and their thoughts on the MENA startup ecosystem.  A huge thanks to all our guests for sharing their thoughts and perspectives.

Listen to the mini-episodes below.

Our Guests

Jeremiah Owyang is an industry analyst based in Silicon Valley who helps his clients solve how new technology connects companies to their customers.  He joins us to give us a glimpse into his keynote on the six digtal eras.

Alicia Sornson is the Manager, Programs and Partnerships at Village Capital, MENA. She joins us to talk about their last Finance Forward initiative in MENA and how that program will continue to support impact entrepreneurs in the region.

Hasan Haider, General Partner at 500 Startups joins us to talk about the MENA Ventura Capital space.  He offers a candid perspective about the region’s startup ecosystem.

Robert Scoble, Chief Strategy Officer at Infinite Retina joins us to talk about Spatial Computing.   He has advised prominent decision makers on business strategies related to Spatial Computing (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, and related disruptive technologies. 

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