Techstars Dubai

During the Techstars Dubai Demo Day, Streams of Progress was on hand to meet the startups and the stakeholders who were responsible for bringing the Techstars program to Dubai.

The startups that participated in the first Techstars program in the MENA region, hail from across the globe; ranging from the United States, Estonia, United Kingdom, Canada and the UAE.  The curriculum of the Techstars Dubai program does not differ from its counterpart programs globally, while the mentor pool was a combination of both local and global mentors.

A tenet of all Techstars program that translated resoundingly well in the Dubai program was the notion of #GIVEFIRST, the idea of helping others where ever possible.  Every startup that participated in the program emphasized how the Techstars community, whether mentors or fellow founders, would give advice and feedback to help one another.

Each guest was able to share with us their perspective on the inaugural program.  A huge thanks to all our guests for sharing their thoughts and perspectives.

Listen to the mini-episodes below.

Our Guests

The Startups


Revolutionizing metropolitan life by providing air transportation for everyone and everything.


Software for modern insurance brokers.


A real estate technology company that designs and develops solutions for the building in the digital age.


The Nespresso for plants and herbs.

TPS Engage

The first platform in the world to offer permanent contextual advertising features for outdoor advertising.


Helping to bring simple web development solutions to the Arab-speaking world.

Omni X Labs

A trained machine vision platform enabling businesses and customers to create actionable insights from any captured moment anytime, anywhere.


Helping the industrial workforce to see, learn and work better by leveraging AR and AI technologies.


An online fast fashion retailer for 20-somethings with fast delivery to West Africa.

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