“If you think about the success of Dubai and the speed and growth of Dubai in the last 20 odd years, it is immediately apparent to anybody that it didn’t just happen by itself.  There is a plan, there a series of plans, and behind those plans there are a series of people who have had thoughts and consultations and ideas, and in some cases, crazy, revolutionary, amazing ideas, that in their time might’ve been thought wacky.  But in many cases, Dubai has seen the potential of those, has invested in them and has brought them to life.  And what that has meant is that not only have you had a fast growing physical city, but also as a place that can generate ideas, an incubator of entrepreneurial spirit, business – you know lack of red tape.  All kinds of things… Dubai goes above and beyond to support those initiatives.”

~Jasper Hope

Jasper Hope has had a prestigious career in the music and entertainment industry over the last 2 decades and continues to impact our region’s arts and entertainment scene.  Since departing from his role at the Dubai Opera, he has continued to engage with various figures and entities in the promotion of the arts and music industries of the MENA region, through his work at Proscenium Arts.

He is considered one of the most influential figures in Dubai, as voted amongst the 100 most inspirational leaders in the business world for the year 2018. Driven by a passion for enticing creative performances, he travelled worldwide to renowned performance halls, going from being the Head of Operations in Royal Albert Hall in London to most recently being the CEO of Dubai Opera.

Enjoy the show!

To be posted on February 6, 2020

Show Notes:

  • 01:45 – South African born, London raised, son of an author and music.

  • 03:45 – What drew him to the music industry.

  • 04:00 – His mother managing Yehudi Menuhin.

  • 05:15 – Careers advice in schools lack the ability to explore various careers by students.

  • 06:30 – Interest in music at a young age and being in the choir.

  • 09:00 – His contribution to music and entertainment beyond performance.

  • 11:30 – The drive has to come from within to practice a skill such as honing musical talent when speaking of his brother Daniel.

  • 12:30 – What brought Jasper to the UAE.

  • 15:45 – The underlying reason that truly attracted Jasper to the Dubai Opera opportunity.

  • 21:30 – Jasper’s initial impressions of Dubai

  • 23:45 – His journey within IMG that eventually lead to him becoming the General Manager of IMG Europe.

  • 27:45 – Moving onto AEG and launching Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland

  • 29:45 – On receiving the phone call for the opportunity at Royal Albert Hall

  • 30:45 – Insights into Jasper’s day-to-day operations at COO of the Royal Albert Hall

  • 32:45 – What is Proscenium Arts?

  • 34:00 – “The way the entertainment industry works, it’s about who you know and it’s about who is trusted to deliver”

  • 36:00 – Representing the Lipizzaner horses of Vienna.

  • 37:45 – Jasper and Proscenium Arts’ contribution to the World Expo 2020.

  • 39:00 – Working with the only Performing Arts institute in the region.

  • 40:00 – His work on the Dubai Future Council for Education.

  • 46:00 – Jasper was never one to follow others, not even a football team.

  • 47:15 – How he segregates work and social life in his mind when he wants to focus on tasks.

  • 50:45 – The many ways in which music affects one’s life.

  • 55:00 – His advice to recent graduates looking to enter the music industry.

  • 58:30 – Remind people on the road of a Simon & Garfunkel saying.

  • 59:45 – Learning about the history of the Emirates.

  • 61:15 – His walking, biking and golfing routines to stay healthy.

  • 63:15 – The importance of music in a young child’s life and their minds..

Daan Roosegaarde
Isobel Abulhoul, Director of Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature

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